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Tuesday Morning Art: Carrot Colour Wheel

Carrots of Many Colors
Carrots of Many Colors from Boris Anthony

“The reason modern Western carrots are orange is because they were bred that way, in the 16th and 17th centuries, in tribute to the Dutch royal House of Orange.”



Quote by Graham Burnett

“Permaculture is revolution disguised as organic gardening.”

Graham Burnett from ‘Permaculture – A Beginners Guide”


Bill Mollison on tidiness

Untidiness is a natural state; tidiness is maintained dis-order.


Sepp Holzer on design

“It should look as if it has always been like that, as if Nature had made it that way.
That’s good design.”

– Sepp Holzer

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“A Food Forest Garden” with Robert Hart

Robert Hart summarized his vision of harmonious living on Earth in the following quote,

Obviously, few of us are in a position to restore the forests.. But tens of millions of us have gardens, or access to open spaces such as industrial wastelands, where trees can be planted. and if full advantage can be taken of the potentialities that are available even in heavily built up areas, new ‘city forests’ can arise…

He identified 7 layers to a successful and productive forest garden: