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How to Grow a Perfect Tomato

how to grow a perfect tomato
photo credit neil conway

It’s not much so far, but it’s a start! I will be expanding these posts over time.


Tomatoes originated in the arid lands of Peru, Chile and Ecuador.

Preferred Environment

Arid and sunny with sufficient spacing and air circulation. Tomatoes dislike hot humid conditions, which can cause fungal diseases.

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Top 10 Organic Gardening Terms Every Gardener Should Know

organic gardening terms
Planet – Jones Valley Urban Farm by Southernpixel

Whether you are switching from conventional gardening, or (like me) just jumping into organic gardening direct, it can be confusing to navigate the new and unfamiliar vocabulary. Knowing your organic gardening terms will help you feel confident when selecting your seeds, planning the garden or reading gardening magazines.

It seems only appropriate to address the meaning of the term ‘organic’ first. What does ‘organic gardening’ really mean?

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Tuesday Morning Art: Carrot Colour Wheel

Carrots of Many Colors
Carrots of Many Colors from Boris Anthony

“The reason modern Western carrots are orange is because they were bred that way, in the 16th and 17th centuries, in tribute to the Dutch royal House of Orange.”