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How to Grow a Perfect Tomato

how to grow a perfect tomato
photo credit neil conway

It’s not much so far, but it’s a start! I will be expanding these posts over time.


Tomatoes originated in the arid lands of Peru, Chile and Ecuador.

Preferred Environment

Arid and sunny with sufficient spacing and air circulation. Tomatoes dislike hot humid conditions, which can cause fungal diseases.

Soil Type


Organic Pest Control

Avoid over-watering. Grow cover crop of mustard and dig it in, dressed with manure and covered with straw. Feed the tomatoes worm castings mixed into the soil, wood ash for potash and bone meal (or blood and bone) for phosphorous.

Tips & Tricks

  • Starving the plants of water before harvest can increase amount of sugar, acids and vitamins

Usage for Different Varieties

  • Salads: Tommy Toe, Green Zebra, Black Russian, Wapsipinicon Peach, Juane Flamme
  • Fine dining: Grosse Lisse, Black Krim, Big Rainbow, Brandy Wine, Periforme
  • Canning: San Marzano