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David Holmgren’s House Tour

It’s the biggest hectare I have ever seen!

David Holmgren describes his passive solar house design
David Holmgren describes his passive solar house design

David Holmgren’s farm “Melliodora” is located in Daylesford, VIC. It covers mere 2.5 acres, yet it took us 5 hours (!) to briefly discuss its design and features. David’s house is open for tours once a month, and is well worth it. The tour can be booked on his website, come and see for yourself, if you like. Or check out some photos and facts below :)

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How to Grow Your Own Mango Plant

Guest post by Yvonne Lee of

It’s currently mango season and I’ve been consuming a heap of mangoes. I have been buying cases of mangoes (16 to a box) for around $10 – $20. I started buying up early due to the (then) ridiculous prices of bananas. Now the bananas have dropped in price to $0.99 per kilo I’m still buying my mangoes but have backed it off a bit. I’ve noticed the mangoes are coming from all around Australia now.  Early in the season I bought ones from Northern Territory and now it seems as if my mangoes are from QLD but I’ve also seen Western Australian mangoes in the stores. I’m not sure if they have always come from those places and I hadn’t paid attention to them previously. Nowadays all the mangoes seem to have labels on them so they are easier to identify where they are from.

With the glut of mangoes at our place I was filling up our ice cream container for worm food really quickly, especially since the pit took up a lot of space in the container! I decided to google how to grow a mango tree from a pit. It seemed a logical thing to do…anyway there were some wonderful pictures, instructions and YouTube videos which helped me.

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Delicious Recipe for Rhubarb & Apple Crisp in 3 Simple Steps

This recipe was inspired by Saturday’s trip to Taylor Square Farmer’s Market (in Sydney) and reading of “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” book by Barbara Kingsolver.

Rhubarb & Apple Crisp