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The taste of Sydney

Guest post by Sharon Lee of FlavourCrusader


Urban honey has grown in popularity worldwide, particularly in Europe. I note that Melbourne city has picked up the trend, but what of Sydney?

“Sydney also has many city beekeepers who’ve been producing rooftop and backyard honey for many years,” said Lyndon Fenlon of Melbourne’s Urban Honey Co.

Meet Richard Foote. His bees reside in suburban Sydney. His method of production is to simply cut the caps then divide the honeycomb into sellable portions. He sells his honey online, and also through Flemington and Penrith markets.

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How to feed 3 adults for 20 dollars and help local farms

It’s a sunny mild morning in Sydney, a perfect day for a leisurely stroll to the local farmer’s market. While waiting for our free-range eggs and bacon to be lovingly prepared, I took a walk around the Taylor Square markets to chat with local sellers, and I came upon this emerging gem.

Rebecca Morgan, creator of Gourmand du Morgan
Rebecca Morgan, creator of Gourmand du Morgan

Rebecca Morgan is the “hands and heart” behind Courmand du Morgan, a company that prepares gourmet locally-sourced meals and delivers them to your door step. What a fantastic alternative to take-out!

Below are my top 5 reasons why you should think of Rebecca for your next take-out meal: