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Why Delve in Permaculture?

The most significant problem we face in our society is a cultural one. Our society does not value wisdom. Fortunately, Permaculture has the potential to provide it. It is important to focus on this cultural issue, as the best water, energy, housing, gardening, you-name-it type of system will only have limited impact without solving people/cultural systems.

We live in a culture where our heroes are measured by their short-term actions, from flying to save damsels in distress, to battling evil-doers with brawn and metal. Unfortunately, these heroes are primarily defined by their physical abilities rather than their capacity to make wise choices. I always wonder what happens to these heroes after their amazing deeds are done. Do they live a happy life? Do they live in harmony with their day-to-day environment? Do they eat healthy? Do they lead sustainable lives? Do they set a behaviour we can all emulate? From the recent strain of heroes coming out of Hollywood the answer is most definite: No.

Long ago, we used to revere wisdom. Many societies used to have elders that were respected and sought after for their wise council. In contrast, in our current society people grow old in age, but not in wisdom. We lock our elderly in nursing homes and we certainly don’t seek their advice. They seem to be more lost than children, who have unlimited ability to absorb new electronic technology.

In fact, our society has replaced wisdom with technology. The current belief in the media is that technology will save us in every aspect. We have been convinced that somehow technology will help us grow more food, technology will clean after all of our waste, technology will teach us how to be better people, technology will allow us to have better societies. We have this unhealthy idea that we will be improved by some technology that has not even been invented yet. We have forgotten that technology is just a tool we wield with our hands, we still need to use it wisely.

That is why permaculture is so important. It seeks to incorporate the wisdom gained over the years with a sustainable culture in mind.

jump“Man Cliff Jumping” by Stacey Swinehart

Why delve in Permaculture?

It was not always like this, there used to be a time when we only had to “work” a few hours of the day for “subsistence”.

There used to be a time when we  would spend most of our time with our children and teach them how to be full human beings:
how to deal with death, how to comfort our fellow men, how to court a woman, how to dream and create, what plants to eat, which plants heal, how to live in harmony with nature, in essence, how to be happy.

We have forgotten our heritage, we do not value wisdom, we value making money, and for what, so that we can serve the bottomless pit of desire, of material desire, of subsidised material desire.

Getting into perpetual, permanent, irresponsible debt, and therefore relinquishing all the years of our life, like slaves, to work for something, for someone, a system that does not have any meaning, that we don’t even like.

Experiencing life through an electronic window, sitting down on an uncomfortable chair, our backs hunched like camels, our eyes straining at pixels, and in the process destroying our eyes and our backs, and with them our future.

Why do you ask me why I chose to delve in Permaculture, isn’t it obvious? Do I really have to explain this?

Permaculture does not have all the solutions, the solutions are within us, the solutions are in our minds, in our spirits, in our actions. But permaculture points the way to where we once came from.

I want to live in: a world where we live in harmony with nature, a world of abundance, a world that provides for me, a world that I can leave to my descendants, and be glad what they will enjoy, a world where men strive to be wise, not rich, a world where men have time to live.

I know this world is achievable, I can see it in my dreams, I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your dreams, I can see it in all men’s dreams.

I will tell you a secret… All men want to be happy. Unfortunately, most do not believe it is possible. We need to show them through our example what can be achieved. How we can live in harmony, not just with nature, not just with each other, but ultimately live in harmony within ourselves.

Why do you ask me why I chose to delve in Permaculture, isn’t it obvious? Do I really have to explain this?

I want to see the rivers flow unimpeded as they once did, I want to see wild herds roam again in the plains, I want to see our oceans clean, and our fields re-forested, and our food growing locally without subsidies, I want to see forests where there are now deserts, and rain in places long been dried, and beaches free of human waste, I want to see nations working together for the benefit of the earth, and therefore mankind,

Do you want to delve in Permaculture?