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Sprout Magazine Double Feature! PermaCultured articles on Natural Pest Control and Autumn Planting Guide

Sprout - Autumn 2011 cover

The current issue of Sydney’s local Sprout Magazine (Autumn 2011) included two articles written by PermaCultured author Tatyana Temirbulatova. This is very exciting, thanks to everyone at Sprout for supporting “the permaculture way”. 🙂

Fun fact! The cover image of the Pest Control article (the one with the chives) was taken on a beautiful sunny morning at Milkwood Permaculture farm. It was a spontaneous photo, without any big plans for fame and glory, but here it is…on a full-colour page in a magazine. Yay!

Sprout - Autumn 2011 cover
Sprout - Autumn 2011, page 1
page 1
Sprout - Autumn 2011, page 2
page 2
Sprout - Autumn 2011, page 3
page 3
Sprout - Autumn 2011, page 4
page 4
Sprout Autumn 2011, page 5
page 5