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John Hardy: My green school dream (TED video)

This video just hit me right over the head. I had a sudden urge to get on the plane and join this man!

In this TED talk, John Hardy takes us to what many would consider the most beautiful bamboo building on Earth. But it’s not just an architectural feat, it’s an off-the-grid green school in Bali, whose aim is to create WHOLE people. John Hardy discusses school’s holistic approach in teaching kids everything from reading and writing to construction, gardening and ancient Bali arts (mud wrestling is one of them).

In conclusion, John shares his three lessons for creating structures of the future:

  1. Build local
  2. Let the environment lead
  3. Think about how your grandchildren might build

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2 replies on “John Hardy: My green school dream (TED video)”

Thank you K
…so very much for drawing my attention to this green school. Its the proof of something we all knew possible.

That were I wanted to be little boy.
J 🙂

I wanna build this in Africa too :)) Bushman Livig coming up!

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