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DAY 3: Permaculture Design Certificate Course 2010 with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton

Bike rental in Melbourne
I wish Sydney had one of those 🙂

Today started with a refreshing walk (a long one, actually) from a friend’s apartment to the University of Melbourne, where the course is taking place. It’s amazing how many interesting things you see, when you walk! Like these bike rental stands located all around Melbourne. I’ve been in Melbourne for 4 days now, but I only registered what these stands are today. On my walk. Walking rejuvenates the soul.

Thoughts & Ideas

Sooner or later, everything stops.

“You are very good at this,” said Bill
“No, I’m not. I’ve never done this before,” replied Greg
“That’s why you are good at this,” Bill chuckled

Tree is vertical standing water. Forests are lakes.

You don’t cut down trees to grow trees, or to grow cabbages. That’s what we’ve always done.

Global Permaculture project – keep your eye on it! Soon you will hear it everywhere.

Desert is a desert because it has more evaporation than rainfall. It’s a dry place. It has nothing to do with lack of trees. In deserts we need to lower garden beds to protect from wind, and create shade to protect from sun.

And Now Some Inspiration!

I am a visual person, and I am very inspired by the space of University of Melbourne. I would like to share some images from this morning’s wonder through the grounds.

open path
what a Botany Hall should look like
what a Botany Hall should look like

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Thanks, Rebecca. And yeah, wow, I didn’t know about the helmet restriction. It would definitely prevent me from hiring a bike, cause I don’t just have a helmet ready, especially when I am just visiting. I think it should be a choice and responsibility of each individual to decide whether they require a helmet. And the cars sympathy will develop naturally if there are more people cycling.

Great insights, Rebecca, thank you so much!!

very cool Tatyana…I love the pix you put in your blog!

Did you know that the public bike hire hasn’t taken off because the law requires cyclists to ride with a helmet. And hardly anybody who wanders by and thinks it would be nice to take a bike for a spin, has a helmet! So its a bit of a flawed initiative at this stage. There is an ongoing debate about whether there should be an exemption from wearing a helmet for those hiring these public bicycles. But at this stage it looks unlikely. Apparently in HOLLAND there is no law requiring cyclists to wear helmets and there are not many cyclists hit by cars. But there is probably not the same awareness of or sympathy for cyclists amongst the motoring population of Melbourne. The motorists don’t like it when they lose road space to cycle lanes even….

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