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The Life Box by Paul Stamets: solutions for re-greening the planet

the life boxWe all share the common desire to leave the Earth a better place for our children, and for future generations. The problems of pollution and environmental degradation can sometimes seem so vast that it’s hard to know where to start. What can we do?

We can show our children that we care about their future, and the future of their children’s children, by actively participating in clever and innovative solutions to re-green the Planet.

Life Boxes

What is The Life Box™?

The Life Box™ was invented by Paul Stamets, mycologist, author and founder of Fungi Perfecti®. The Life Box™ suite of products builds upon the synergy of fungi and plants by infusing spores and seeds together inside of packaging materials that can be planted.

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Hola muy buenas, me encantaría saber si esas Cajas están en venta o son las que proporciona Paul en los embalajes a sus clientes?.

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