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Miracle compost system: Bokashi bucket

Bokashi Bin

The key to the success of this system is the specifically designed Bokashi Bucket, and the use of EM Bokashi.

Bokashi is a Japanese term that means “fermented organic matter”. EM Bokashi is a pleasant smelling product made using a combination of sawdust and bran that has been infused with Effective Micro-organisms (EM). EM Bokashi has traditionally been used to increase the microbial diversity and activity in soils and to supply nutrients to plants.

Place your kitchen waste into the bucket, then sprinkle a hand full of EM Bokashi over the waste. Repeat this layering process until the Bokashi Bucket is full. Drain off liquid (Bokashi juice) as necessary. Once the bucket is full to capacity, the waste can be buried. If you have two Bokashi Buckets, begin the process again in your second bucket. Let the waste from the first Bokashi Bucket continue to ferment for 10-14 days or for any additional length of time. Then, bury the waste and wash out Bokashi Bucket ready to use when your second Bokashi Bucket is full. If you have only one Bokashi Bucket the waste can be buried as soon as it is full, obviously the waste on the top has not had much or any chance to ferment, even so, the waste will still break down quickly because of the micro-organisms mixed in.

How to make your own Bokashi

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The Bokashi works so nice! It doesn’t smell in your kitchen because of the beneficial microbes and it’s realy easy to use. Especially for households who haven’t a large garden is it easy to compost with that bin.

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